Curriculum Vitae / Resume

I love the open/free Internet. I think that the Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible for everyone.

After 8 year designing and integrating the user interface (or front-end) of web pages/applications and diving into back-end stuff as a Full Stack Web Developer, I work now as a Project Manager and Team Lead, analyzing new projects, organizing the operations and trying to get the best of my team. Without forget how to code and being updated with the last technologies, which I have great interest.

I try hard to make sure that all my team works are usable, simple, aesthetically pleasing and follow the industry standards as much as possible to ensure its future operation. The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to use the best technologies to build amazing things.

I give great importance to the order and organization. I follow different methods of productivity for which I have a great interest. This helps in any incident or new project to be solved more easily and efficiently.

I believe in and like the close relationship with team members. Sharing fun and hard work we’re able to deliver the best results.

Name: Jesús Pérez Paz
Date of birth: 1983-02-24
Nationality: Spanish
Telephone: (+34) 62 62 62 531



  • Head of Software Development

    at Scalefast ( from Septemeber 2018 to present. I’m at charge of the technical team and act and the “right hand” of the CTO. My mission is making sure that the Developers and the Team Leads can do their job without problems, have a technical advice and guide can grow inside the company and can offer the best of their-selves.

    #TechnicalLead, #PeopleManagement, #SoftwareAnalysis, #Gitlab, #PHP, #RestAPI

  • Project Manager / Team Lead

    at Scalefast ( from january 2016 to September 2018. I work as Project Manager and Team Lead in the Project’s Team with six other people. Our mission is to deliver amazing stores in a record time using the last technologies (like the framework Laravel, AngularJS or NodeJS). My job is to analyze the client’s petitions, adjusting delivery times, organize the operations and pave the way for my team so they can do their magic, even I put my hands in the keyboard if it’s needed.
    Some of our projects are:

    #ProjectManagement, #SoftwareAnalysis, #TeamLead, #PeopleManagement, #Laravel, #AngularJS, #NodeJS

  • Full-stack web developer

    at Pepita UC Technology ( from july 2013 to december 2015. I work on the new HTML / CSS version of the Pepita e-commerce platform, using the PHP framework Laravel and Angujar JS. We use the Pepita API, improving it when necessary, to create a complete e-store solution that can be easily customized by clients or by us. I’m also working on the new back-office, the back-end and the front-end, for the merchant clients, using the php framework Laravel and the Pepita API.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Laravel, #AngularJS, #API

  • Senior Integrator Manager

    at Nexway French Office ( from October 2011 to july 2013. I’ve take part on the negotiations of the new “Telefonica” website from the beginning, and I’ve take part in the development of the site as a manager, making the integration through the Nexway platform and as a technical contact with the “Telefonica” team. Also, I’ve continued working directly with “Kaspersky” to create the new IPP (in product purchase) that permits buy and renew the kaspersky products inside the software. I’ve done as a manager the new “Gravity-Gateway” site that allows the purchase of “karats”, the virtual coins in the online RPG game “Raknarok online”.
    I’ve managed the creation of the new Nexway Generic Platform with HTML5 and CSS3, PHP and Javascript. This is a “white label”, multilingual, multicurrency site that allow buy and download all the titles in the Nexway catalog. Some examples of this platform could be found at “Rue du Commerce” or “Boulanger”.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Smarty, #ProjectManagement

  • Project Manager Junior

    for Spanish, Portuguese and Italian accounts at Nexway Spanish Office ( from January 2011 to October 2011. I’ve managed some launch campaigns for software like “Kaspersky” or videogames with “el Corte Inglés” between others. I was in charge of the technical area from the contact with client, the creation of banners, newsletters and landing pages and, finally, making the final launch.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Smarty, #ProjectManagement

  • Designer, Integrator

    and responsible for the technical approach to customers in Nexway Spain Office ( from October 2009 until January 2011. I’ve designed, developed and maintained various Nexway Spanish, Italian and Portuguese e-commerce websites, through the Nexway platform, using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the integration. Some of those sites are the e-store of Kaspersky, that support all online sells of the products, or the ARS website, witch sell the entire game of his products. Also I’ve developed the entire sell platform (basket, login information and gestion of the purchase) for some sites like Uptodown or Programas gratis.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Smarty, #ProjectManagement

  • Banner design and creation of landing pages

    as a freelance for the company Aftershare ( along 2009. I was in charge of banner designing and adaptations for media campaigns for various Spanish’s banks like “BBVA” or “Banco Santander”. I’ve also created some intranet webpages in HTML, CSS and jQuery for the training of the staff in the bank offices.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #JQuery, #Photoshop, #Flash

  • Web Designer and Web Integrator

    at eCliente ( from February 2007 to October 2009, where I’ve developed webpages, campaings, landing pages, newsletters and banners for the major Spanish NGOs like “Cruz Roja”, “Fundación Luis Vives or “Fundación Iberoamericana para el Desarrollo”. The languages used were HTML, CSS, javascript and PHP for the integration into the platform. It was necessary great attention for the standards, usability and cross browser support.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #JQuery, #Photoshop


  • Collaborator in Front-end and coding task at Mozilla Corporation

    I’m part of the Mozilla FR Community, taking part in the projects:

    • Transvision: Tool to manage and help in the translation proccess, powered by MozillaFR. I help with the maintenance and the upgrades of the tool, using primary PHP, but also javascript, HTML y CSS. Github commits.
    • MDN: Mozilla Developers Network. Some front-end task with HTML, CSS y javascript. Github commits.
    • Firefox OS Tablet Contribution Program: I’ve selected to take part on this project to improve the quality of Firefox OS on tablets.


    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Phyton, #FirefoxOS, #Github

  • Revista exégesis

    ( is an online magazine of science-fiction and comics. I’ve take part on this project as the “technical guy” from the beginning managing all the web infrastructure and designing, creating and configuring the entire website, based in WordPress with a dedicated theme.
    I’ve designed and created the especial tablets and smartphones based pages for the final compilations of the exegesis works, with HTML5, CSS3 and jquerymobile. Some examples can be found in: Efemérides, 2059 (better view in an iPad or Android tablet, or a webkit browser).
    I’ve also created the “Visor Exégesis” an online comic reader using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript that works in desktop and mobile devices.

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #Wordpress, #Webapps, #ProjectManagement

  • Colaboration in some github / open source projects

  • Design, development, optimization and maintenance of web pages

    configuring hosting, domains, emails… etc, working with HTML, CSS and javascript for the front-end and using various CMS, when necesary, like WordPress, Joomla or OpenCart for the back-end. Some examples can be found at (my personal blog-page),,,,

    #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #PHP, #Wordpress, #OpenCart, #Joomla, #NGINX, #Photoshop

  • Creation of the web-game

    using html/css/jquery and making use of the instagram and openmaps APIs. Available also in Google Play

    #HTML, #CSS, #JQuery, #API, #Github, #Android, #FirefoxOS

  • Creation of the web-game Memory Cube

    a memory game inside a 3D cube made in JS, HTML & CSS. It works in mobile, tablet and desktop modern browsers. It was created in first instance for the Firefox Apps Days of Paris (25/01/2013), and it’s available at the Firefox Marketplace, the Amazon Appstore and Google Play. The code is in github.

    #HTML, #CSS, #JQuery, #Github, #Android, #FirefoxOS



  • Html5, Css3 (Sass/Compass, Less, Stylus).
  • Javascript (vanilla, jquery).
  • PHP (and some frameworks as Lavarel).
  • Node JS.
  • Angular JS.
  • GIT (Github) & SVN.
  • NGINX.


  • SEO.
  • Responsive design.
  • Web performance.
  • Usability.
  • Web accessibility.
  • Marketing online.
  • CMS Platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart…).
  • Adobe Photoshop.



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