My name is Jesús Pérez Paz. I'm SVP of the Software Agency at ScaleFast and I belive in a open and free Internet for everyone. I currently live in Málaga.


My leadership journey: Hiring in Tech: Coders vs Engineers?

Hello! 👋 Today, let’s tackle a crucial question in the tech industry: When building your tech team, what kind of profile should you focus on?

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My leadership journey: Elevating Teams: Maslow's Pyramid in the World of Tech

Hello! 👋 Ready to explore another facet of organizational dynamics? Today, let’s ascend the pyramid of success and well-being – Maslow’s Pyramid – and apply its wisdom to the realm of technical teams.

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My leadership journey: Optimizing Success: Aligning Skills and Roles

Hello! 👋 Continuing the exploration of strategies for organizational success, let’s dive into a topic crucial to every team’s triumph: the art of placing the right skills in the right roles.

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