My leadership journey: Guiding Without Micromanaging

Thrilled to kick off my leadership journey series, where I’ll dive into different aspects of my experience. Each post will explore a unique theme.

So, let’s get started with the first installment, “Guiding Without Micromanaging.” Excited to share insights on what makes teamwork click.

🚀 Working Together: Our Goals Adventure

In my role steering the Scalefast Software Agency teamwork is key. With my awesome team, we’ve been doing this “goals adventure”. We hold quarterly meetings to set and review OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Every manager have their owns and they have to follow the global ones of the department. It’s like plotting our course on a map —clear goals we can tweak every quarter.

It helps, whether we’re launching e-commerce stores or handling a big business year.

💡 Delegating with Purpose: Making OKRs Work

Empowering teams is about delegation. We hand out tasks based on our OKRs, the goals we set in our quarterly meetings. It’s like giving each team member a piece of the puzzle. Managers take the lead as they’re the OKR owners, ensuring we’re all on the same page and going in the same direction. This way, we’re not just working; we’re building a culture that’s all about fresh ideas and creativity.

📢 Weekly Meetings, Insights, and Wins

Keeping it real is vital. I meet with my managers at least every week or two. It’s their show—they bring up topics, and we talk. They shoot over weekly reports, tracking how we’re doing against our OKRs. This routine keeps us in sync and helps us stay focused on our big goals.

🏆 Cheers to Success and Growth

Celebrating wins is a big deal. Whether it’s launching projects, or handling team changes like champs, we cheer each other on. Success is a team effort, and we’re weaving a cool tapestry together.

Keen to hear your thoughts! How do you drive success in your teams? 🚀 Let’s chat in LinkedIn

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